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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 411 greet lunchroom
The 361st chess item!
Hao Ren became a.s.authorized to battle from the Qiu Fen Industry, that had been the one Lu Qi just battled in .
The 361st chess article!
Hao Ren employed his process . The 160 multi-colored sword energies taken beyond his again, and they also floated beside Hao Ren .
Hao Ren shouted out once more calmly . The sword energies nearby Lu Qi suddenly united and shaped a web-based, reflecting whitened light .
There had been more cultivators round the Qiu Fen Industry than others who went to watch the Kun-levels cultivators .
Lu Qi shook his chess table .
1st, there were 160 dark-colored sword energies, and then there were 160 white-colored sword energies . The strength of 320 shooting sword energies was way much stronger compared to the tiny chess parts .
Zhao Yanzi endured where she was she was more indecisive than ahead of .
Hao Ren’s sword energies slowly purified after waves and waves of trembling .
Zhao Yanzi withstood near the fantastic field . She looked to her still left after which to her appropriate, hesitating on whose challenge to view .
Hao Ren was a.s.agreed upon to battle from the Qiu Fen World, which has been usually the one Lu Qi just battled in .
Zhao Yanzi endured where she was she was more indecisive than well before .
The Vermilion Bird Table was obviously a dharma cherish that could equally episode and shield . The chess items could episode, as well as the table could protect .
Lu Qi was truly the only tranquil one because he knew that Hao Ren’s approach would be of this nature .
“Yujia, I offered half your Fact Replenishment Capsules to Zi’s third uncle,” Hao Ren reported after he walked over to Zhao Hongyu and everybody else .
Zhao Yanzi shouted in enjoyment when she saw Zhao Kuo .
The Vermilion Bird Board snap out a ray of dark colored gentle all of a sudden below the include of the numerous chess pieces .
The inspectors went back to their a.s.agreed upon location inside a speed there had been not a way they will could do anything whatsoever about the get around Qiu Fen Industry!
The Vermilion Parrot Board’s chess sections presented out a ray of heated up light-weight, and all of the nearby cultivators felt a formidable energy .
Boom! Thrive!
Furthermore, Lu Qi held his natal dharma treasure in his palm it absolutely was additionally a chess table!
Xie Yujia smiled lightly at this particular considered, “It’s ok . You have enough left behind anyways . “
The fire aspect that the Vermilion Parrot Stones entailed was as powerful because the Samadhi Accurate Fire!
At this time, Zhao Kuo glimpsed around from Li Xia Area . He stood proudly facing a fire-elemental Kun-amount cultivator .
Besides that, Lu Qi held his natal dharma cherish in the palm it turned out one more chess board!
Hao Ren had taken an in-depth breath and looked over the crowd surrounding the area . Then, he shouted, “Make sure you!”
Hao Ren withstood before Lu Qi in the Qiu Fen Area, 4 to 5 arenas outside the Li Xia Area . Both equally Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo made sword energies .
Hao Ren had taken an in-depth breath and viewed the crowd about the field . Then, he shouted, “Make sure you!”
Lu Qi’s chess board dharma jewel ended up being thoroughly placed to work with, and it also was tough to fend in opposition to . If Hao Ren didn’t have sword energies, he would never have the ability to protect him self with just a couple of dharma treasures!
When Lu Qi fought Hao Ren during the organization space back at Eastern Sea University, he didn’t utilize his 100 % push given that he was anxious about detrimental the cla.s.sroom . He didn’t know something about Hao Ren’s approaches mainly because it was their primary combat actually, and then he also underestimated Hao Ren . Which was why he lost double .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
“It’s indeed the Dark H2o Browse yet again!” Lu Qi was ready for this . He slightly shook the chess table, and also the flame immediately coated up Hao Ren . He understood that Hao Ren was really a liquid-elemental dragon cultivator, and also the Black Drinking water Browse was essentially the most amazing and relatively highly effective process amongst all h2o-elemental strategies . For that reason, it was actually hardly surprising in any way .

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