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The Legend of Futian

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
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Ancient Ma believed comfortable with addressing Duan Tianxiong less formally now.
Year or so 10061 inside the Divine Prefecture Schedule. A big group of people with majestic bearing arrived at Some Side Town throughout the teleportation huge matrix and headed straight away to Four Spot Mountain / hill. Their planned arrival set tongues wagging on the community. Many people already found out that they were cultivators through the historic noble family of Duan.
Considering that the ancient royal group of Duan got considered the effort to befriend Several Part Town, Ye Futian certainly wouldn’t decline them. It was subsequently always better to find more good friends, regardless if they had ulterior objectives behind their kindness. At this time of the activity, no one would hang out on persons from whom they couldn’t advantage. Ye Futian was well aware he could not have honest pals.h.i.+p in this article since he possessed familiar with the Lower Worlds.
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While everybody was having with their hearts’ content material on the meal, Overlord Duan Tianxiong said to Old Ma, “I use a tip. What about we make a teleportation lavish matrix between Some Area City and Enormous G.o.ds Town?”
Rumor had it that Crown Prince Duan Qiong was below.
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It meant that individuals residing in the 2 main metropolitan areas could teleport from the teleportation lavish matrix as opposed to touring each of the war across the continent.
Eventually, Ye Futian, who has been growing on the village, gotten news reports as well. The traditional royal group of Duan came to take a look at Some Area Village. Guided by Crown Prince Duan Qiong, they specifically asked to meet up with Ye Futian.
Ling, Fasten Tou, along with other boys and girls followed Fang Cun regarding. A great deal of villagers ended up also arriving, as well as various seniors.
“Old Ma, I think it’s attainable,” stated Fang Gai.
He lifted his brain to look into the small town and noticed like he is in a dream. Everything seemed to be several now.
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He couldn’t obtain additional serious friends like Yu Sheng, Wucheng, or his mature buddy.
Just after Ancient Ma quickly recounted the story, the villagers started to see Ye Futian within a new light. They performed him in even higher reverence last but not least recognized him as one of them.
“Sure. I am going to develop in seclusion for a short time inside the village,” Fang Huan nodded and replied. He was currently a 7th-buy Renhuang. If he could development into the eighth sequence, no one excluding the excel at cultivators can beat him.
Fang Cun looked up at his daddy and said gently, “Dad.”
Eventually, Ye Futian, who was cultivating on the community, acquired this news as well. The ancient noble group of Duan arrived at go to 4 Nook Town. Brought by Crown Prince Duan Qiong, they specifically asked to meet with Ye Futian.
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Men and women read that even Duan Qiong, the incredible Crown Prince from the old royal family of Duan, accepted his inferiority to Ye Futian with feel dissapointed about. The wonderful cultivator from Several Side Town was allegedly even more talented than anyone in the historic noble group of Duan.
Persons been told that even Duan Qiong, the amazing Crown Prince with the historical noble family of Duan, accepted his inferiority to Ye Futian with be sorry for. The wonderful cultivator from Four Area Village was allegedly more qualified than any one from the early noble group of Duan.
Later, a sheet of news flash has come from the palace. The Overlord acquired obtained people to make a teleportation great matrix to get in touch Gigantic G.o.ds Location and Some Side Community. The news amazed everybody yet again. Nevertheless, the teleportation fantastic matrix was helpful to cultivators inside the Huge G.o.ds Continent at the same time. They would be able to visit Several Nook Town over the matrix.
“Old Ma, I do believe it’s realistic,” explained Fang Gai.
Fang Cun was only a little little one when Fang Huan still left the town. Now, he was really a 15-year-outdated teenager.
Every one of the villagers provide smiled with gratification and muttered, “It’s very good you’re again. On condition that you’re back…”
Shortly after he acquired the news, Ye Futian found numerous men and women wandering over to him from afar. They spoke all together, “Brother Ye.”
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Fang Cun was only a fresh youngster when Fang Huan kept the village. Now, he was actually a 15-year or so-aged teen.
Ling, Tie up Tou, and also other little ones adhered to Fang Cun behind. Lots of villagers were also arriving, such as several elders.
“Old Ma, good employment!” a vintage male expressed his acceptance.
Moreover, Ye Futian’s popularity grew far and wide, beyond the Gigantic G.o.ds Continent.
The Legend of Futian
Even so, none of them was Ye Futian’s matter for the present time.

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