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Chaotic Sword God

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Chapter 3111: Returning to Lore City light axiomatic
The farming environment for the Tian Yuan Continent experienced modified. Many individuals could now attain Saint Emperor. In reality, it had been even achievable so they can forcefully create a Saint Emperor by way of a significant amount of sources by yourself, but that has been only limited to fighters.
“Everything has now evolved significantly on this page. It certainly produces the feeling that it is all totally still all around, although the individuals have all modified,” Shangguan Mu’er stated as she followed Jian Chen.
At this time, a very familiar speech suddenly rang from beside her.
The roomy road was extremely active. Many retailers, mercenaries, the ones of all the styles and sizes flowed in and out of Lore Town, but without different, none of us recognized the stats which had suddenly appeared from the core on the streets. Numerous carriages and pedestrians actually passed via the two of them without the tiniest obstructions just like they resided in a very different area.
“Bi Lian, I’ll make what are the results upcoming your responsibility. I still really need to pay a visit to house,” Jian Chen thought to Bi Lian right before creating a uncomplicated discussion with a bit of of his older acquaintances from the hall. Following that, he still left the Flame Empire with Shangguan Muer’
Ahead of they understood it, the 2 of them got already arrived at the Changyang clan. A strong boundary enveloped the colossal real estate, so outsiders could not approach it in any respect.
“Mu’er, do not be concerned. Aojian hasn’t gone to the larger planet. So long as he hasn’t went to your better entire world, you never need to worry about his safety.” Jian Chen comforted her.
Chapter 3111: Going back to Lore City
At that moment, Jian Chen was like a mortal. In fact, he seemed like somebody through the country getting into a city initially. He searched throughout the complete way just like he was interested in anything here.
There have been a lot of specialists within the real estate. Not merely are there quite a few Saint Emperors, but there are even Beginning world experts current at the same time.
“Once we returning from the Xuanhuang Microcosm, we’ll go to other worlds and look for Xiao Bao, after which we can easily take him towards the Saints’ Entire world along with us. In lessen spaces where information are scarce, he’ll have a problem very much to enhance his power from here on out,” reported Shangguan Mu’er.
At this moment, an extremely common tone of voice suddenly rang out from beside her.
At this point, in the idyllic garden in the heavily-guarded Changyang clan, the whitened-clothed Bi Yuntian sat inside of a pavilion, being focused on her piece of art. Some maid servants which are rather powerful stood with their backside towards pavilion, waiting around outside quietly, prepared to answer any orders at any time.
Whomever that Bi Yuntian was piece of art about the canvas was Jian Chen!
Both the of those ended up Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er.
“Lore City, I’ve finally went back! This town is different dramatically, but the familiar aroma and feeling hasn’t vanished whatsoever.” Jian Chen gazed at Lore Metropolis before him with varying feelings. Exactly what happened as he roamed the Tian Yuan Country in those days immediately flashed through his top of your head, which caused him numerous emotions.
“C’mon, let’s go in. Following various ages, it’s time for you to see new mother and father all over again!” Jian Chen reported softly well before vanishing although holding Shangguan Mu’er’s hands.
Just before they knew it, the 2 main of them possessed already came to the Changyang clan. A powerful barrier enveloped the colossal property, so outsiders could not strategy it by any means.
Section 3111: Returning to Lore Area
Because of this, right after numerous generations, several puny fighters from in those days possessed all come to be Saint Kings and Saint Emperors, even though she remained as being a Type 7 Vibrant Saint Expert.
At that moment, Jian Chen was much like a mortal. In basic fact, he seemed like someone coming from the region getting into a town the very first time. He searched throughout the complete way as though he was interested in learning all the things on this page.
“Mu’er, do not be concerned. Aojian hasn’t went to some better entire world. As long as he hasn’t went to the increased entire world, you never need to panic about his basic safety.” Jian Chen comforted her.
“Lore City, I have finally delivered! The metropolis changed substantially, though the comfortable stink and experiencing hasn’t vanished whatsoever.” Jian Chen gazed at Lore Community right before him with varying emotions. Everything that took place as he roamed the Tian Yuan Continent in those days immediately flashed through his head, which created him a multitude of feelings.
“Compared to the previous, Lore Community has become a lot, much more prosperous.” A faint grin continued to be on Jian Chen’s deal with the entire time as though he planned to walk through every neighborhood in Lore Location and cover every spot. His head obtained become extremely tranquil and serene right then. He even began to give off a harmonious existence right before he recognized it.
“Sigh, 10 thousand yrs. I don’t even know basically if i can survive for the time being.” Bi Yuntian immediately started to be dejected like she had idea of one thing.
There were many experts in the residence. But not only were there quite a few Saint Emperors, but there were even Beginning kingdom experts provide on top of that.
“Yeah. Let’s enter into the town initial!” Jian Chen nodded right before keeping Shangguan Mu’er’s hands and joining Lore City by following the road for a frequent person’s speed.
Because of this, just after quite a few centuries, several puny fighters from back then obtained all turn into Saint Kings and Saint Emperors, even though she continued to be like a Group 7 Radiant Saint Grasp.
Subsequently, right after numerous hundreds of years, lots of puny fighters from in the past possessed all come to be Saint Kings and Saint Emperors, though she remained as being a School 7 Vibrant Saint Grasp.
Bi Yuntian was amazed at the tone of voice, but her gaze continued to be set around the portrait. She shook her head inside of a self-deprecating way. “I’m actually hallucinating just as before. Xiang’er claimed he’ll only return after 10 thousand several years. It’s only been a couple of hundreds of years since he’s eventually left.”
“Everything has now modified dramatically listed here. It certain gives off the experience that everything is still about, although the men and women have all improved,” Shangguan Mu’er mentioned as she accompanied Jian Chen.
Inspite of that, the Gesun Kingdom still had a superior standing on the globe, receiving the consideration of the folks. All this was since the emperor on the Gesun Kingdom was the past individual sovereign Jian Chen’s father-in-law.

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