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NovelReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword GodReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
Chapter 2919 – SS1 – Gentle Snow (1) uneven vengeful
Mar sixth, 2129.
Section 2919 SS1 – Gentle Snow (1)
“Ouroboros is indeed a troublesome Guild. If you check out any other Guild, you would’ve lengthy since become the Guild Head there with the benefits,” Zhao Yueru claimed, sighing. She then advised, “Now that you’re through with operate, I gamble you’re starving, ideal? Let us head to that new restaurant. I noticed which the bistro included several new food to its menus yesterday, and they seem to be quite widely used. I’ve been carrying back me personally on account of you.”
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March sixth, 2129.

In the dazzling and clean sleeping area located on the leading floor of Ouroboros’s primary headquarters…
Inside the struggle between four initially-fee Guilds and over 20 next-speed Guilds, the initial-amount Guild Ouroboros appeared as being the victor and have become Dragon Demon War’s Kingdom Overlord. Because of this success serving as its basic, Ouroboros can have a ma.s.sive advantages for its upcoming projects within the sport.
Within the brilliant and neat room located on the leading surface of Ouroboros’s key headquarters…
For the health of using power over the Guild her elder buddy put aside, Soft Snowfall needed to accomplish worth that may influence everybody in the Guild of her expertise. In fact, the White-colored Clan Class wasn’t the only manager of Ouroboros. There are still other organizations support Ouroboros’s advancement.
“But didn’t you succeed inside the ultimate combat this point? All those Great Elders really should have nothing to say following this, correct?”
Gentle Snowfall couldn’t support but experience a little bit disappointed in excess of her good friend. In spite of Zhao Yueru by having an superb ability for internet actuality video games, she presented no particular desire for them in any way. Zhao Yueru also didn’t like operating. If she hadn’t forcibly dragged Zhao Yueru to assist her in Ouroboros, her good friend would likely remain jobless even up to now and could well be berated continuously by Grandfather Zhao as being useless.
“Are you planning to abandon issues in Dragon Demon War?” Zhao Yueru requested in big surprise.
In the interest of having control of the Guild her elder brother put aside, Mild Snow simply had to achieve worth that could encourage everybody in the Guild of her abilities. Naturally, the Whitened Clan Class wasn’t the sole seller of Ouroboros. There were still a number of other businesses backing Ouroboros’s advancement.
“Delicacies?” A smile showed up on Delicate Snow’s face when she heard Zhao Yueru’s terms. “I just recently read that your particular new virtual simple fact match will probably introduction rapidly. Despite the fact that I don’t know which company is producing this video game, I listened to that it provides a highly effective origin. Moreover, the game’s realism level extends to around 99%, as well as the video game environment seems almost like reality. You must be able to preference loads of delicacies there.”
At the same time, these companies definitely wouldn’t give Ouroboros to Gentle Snowfall due to the fact she was the younger sibling of Ouroboros’s designer. That was since Ouroboros was now a famous first-price Guild, and lots of passions had been included in the Guild. Exactly the sponsors.h.i.+ps and promoting service fees Ouroboros obtained annually amounted to many billion Credits. As well as, the Guild still gained several other advantages from the video games it took element in.
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Zhao Yueru, who wore a red-colored miniskirt and had a s.e.xy and curvaceous body, watched as Mild Snowfall climbed beyond her exclusive game playing cabin. She then grumbled a criticism, “Qingxue, aren’t you doing work a tad too challenging? You have fought nonstop for over a week within this warfare, yet you still opt to continue doing the job in lieu of relaxing. I have been requiring you to take a look at that new bistro by myself.”
In the interests of having power over the Guild her elder sibling left behind, Delicate Snow were forced to achieve benefits that might convince everybody in the Guild of her capabilities. In the end, the Bright Clan Class wasn’t the only operator of Ouroboros. There was still a number of other companies support Ouroboros’s progression.
“Dragon Demon Combat is merely graded from the leading 30 of internet real life activities. While it is pretty common, it is actually numerous leagues beneath the very best 10 games. Moreover, this new activity referred to as G.o.d’s Domain is one area even different Very Guilds have set their scenery on. This is a great chance for me.” Within an earnest sculpt, Mild Snow said, “So very long while i can achieve superb advantages in G.o.d’s Sector, I believe not any of those Huge Senior citizens really should have more beliefs of me!”
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“It should be correct.” Discovering Zhao Yueru’s immediate curiosity, Mild Snowfall smiled and explained, “Although I don’t are aware of the exact facts, I been told that lots of Very Guilds decide to s.h.i.+feet their emphasis with this new video game. Ouroboros is not any exception as well. So, In my opinion this game shouldn’t be awful.”
Light Snow experienced joined up with Ouroboros for only two years. However, along with her delightful and excellent human body joined with her divine overall look, she experienced prolonged since turned into a residing advertis.e.m.e.nt for Ouroboros. In truth, any business wanting to ask her to accomplish an ad will have to daily schedule a scheduled visit for 2 years later…
“These merits are insufficient,” Mild Snow stated, trembling her brain. “Recently, not merely performed Cao Chenghua generate a fortune from two electronic simple fact game titles, but they have even received the total assistance of a large organization. When I rely only on my own accomplishments in Dragon Demon Combat, I might be blessed if I can fit him. If I want to have the Fantastic Seniors get up on my aspect, I will still should do far more.”
“But didn’t you earn inside the final conflict this period? These Grand Seniors really should have absolutely nothing to say after that, proper?”
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“These merits are nevertheless insufficient,” Soft Snow said, trembling her mind. “Recently, not only have Cao Chenghua develop a fortune from two electronic reality activities, but he has even attained the whole support of a big corporation. If I count only in my triumphs in Dragon Demon Battle, I would personally be privileged when i can fit him. If I would like to have people Lavish Seniors get up on my section, I am going to still should do a lot more.”
“Are you going to abandon stuff in Dragon Demon Battle?” Zhao Yueru requested in delight.
At nine o’clock later in the day, Soothing Snow wear a couple of bright white jammies and set down in their own online game playing cabin. She then made a decision to log into G.o.d’s Domain name.
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“Yueru, you recognize and I actually concerning the recent condition in Ouroboros. Despite the fact that I have already produced a good name for personally, I actually have only joined up with the Guild recently, in fact. I won’t be able to gain the Grand Elders’ service without plenty of value.”
Nevertheless, it was another narrative for G.o.d’s Domain name. Absolutely everyone can have a fresh start in the game. This would be the top period on her behalf to show her current proficiency.
At the same time, these organizations definitely wouldn’t give Ouroboros to Soothing Snowfall simply because she was the younger sister of Ouroboros’s inventor. It was since Ouroboros was now a popular 1st-speed Guild, and many pursuits were associated with the Guild. Only the sponsors.h.i.+ps and marketing expenses Ouroboros gotten annually amounted to more than one billion Credits. Let alone, the Guild still received various other advantages from the activities it required part in.
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As a result glory, over the hundred thousand Ouroboros individuals acquired gathered during the capital city and were actually currently enjoying. In the mean time, leading this success bash was the one and only whomever known as Snow G.o.ddess, Delicate Snow.
“But didn’t you succeed during the closing struggle now? These Lavish Senior citizens really should have absolutely nothing to say next, correct?”

“In that case, I’ve made the decision! I’ll properly boost my own self and cleanup Cao Chenghua’s henchmen!” Zhao Yueru reported eagerly. “Once I do that, I’ll see whether that ancient male of my own still dares to call me useless!”
“Hah…” Reviewing Zhao Yueru’s shimmering vision, Soothing Snowfall sighed helplessly. “If you could direct 50 % your pa.s.sion for food items toward virtual truth computer games, you would’ve long since become one of the Guild’s leading-rating pros rather than simply being stuck as just an ordinary center member now.”
“Yueru, you understand along with I do regarding the present predicament in Ouroboros. Though I have already made a name for myself, I have got only became a member of the Guild fairly recently, naturally. I won’t be able to gain the Huge Elders’ support without enough worth.”

“Dragon Demon Conflict is only rated around the top 30 of electronic real life games. Whilst it is extremely popular, it happens to be quite a few leagues below the top rated 10 video games. In addition, this new online game called G.o.d’s Domain name is one thing even different Excellent Guilds have arranged their views on. This is a great potential for me.” Within an earnest overall tone, Gentle Snow stated, “So prolonged since i can accomplish superb advantages in G.o.d’s Area, In my opinion none of the Grand Senior citizens will need to have any further ideas of me!”
“Delicacies?” A smile appeared on Gentle Snow’s encounter when she heard Zhao Yueru’s thoughts. “I recently been told that your particular new online reality video game is going to start rapidly. However I don’t know which company is establishing this video game, I heard that it comes with a impressive origin. In addition, the game’s realism speed extends to approximately 99%, and the video game environment thinks almost like reality. You must be able to style plenty of delicacies there.”
“These worth are still not sufficient,” Gentle Snowfall claimed, trembling her go. “Recently, not only performed Cao Chenghua produce a fortune from two electronic actuality game titles, but they have even gathered the full service of a large firm. Should I depend only on my own accomplishments in Dragon Demon Battle, I might be lucky generally if i can go with him. If I want to have individuals Great Elders stand on my aspect, I am going to still need to do much more.”
“Delicacies?” A grin sprang out on Gentle Snow’s deal with when she read Zhao Yueru’s words. “I recently read that a new internet truth match will certainly kick off quickly. Despite the fact that I don’t know which clients are getting this video game, I listened to that it features a effective beginning. On top of that, the game’s realism price extends to nearly 99Per cent, and also the video game entire world believes almost like the real world. You can flavor many dishes there.”
Zhao Yueru couldn’t guide but truly feel distressed at observing Soft Snowfall doing the job so desperately. Naturally, Soothing Snow was her friend. On the other hand, it absolutely was also for the reason that she was Delicate Snow’s good friend that she realized Soft Snow’s complications and why Soft Snow couldn’t exist freely like themselves.

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